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OMG guys! it was so much fun! this was the second time i'v been there. i stayed there for nine days and it was epic! i visited the most touristy places, like the Royal palace, The Amsterdam dungeon, the Van gogh museum, Anne Franks house, and of course the Red light district.
if you don't know what these places are you can google them.....

Other then that, i'm more interested in what you guys did for nine days...??
Love ya!
hey there! i'v been working a lot lately, i mean a lot! so a friend of mine wanted to use my art on an IMVU website to sell
Dipis (icon things) so i thought to show you some of the drawings for the website..

Dpi2 by leafaye Dipi For Penny3 by leafaye Dipi1 by leafaye Dipi4 by leafaye

yeah, thats all folks! i hope all of you had an awesome weekend! see ya!

Imvu website here (online Dipi shop)…
Hey there lovelies! I'm not going to be on DA for a week or two because I'm going on vacation! And where I'm going on vacation..theirs no internet.....sadly so...hehehe..
but ill be back! See ya later!
Hey there guys,
I'm doing Commissions again this week!
  • Rules:
  • Payed at the beginning 
  • Anthro, animals, only.
  • I take Paypal only.
  • I don't take points.
  • Note me for info.

Options available 

artistic Simple Drawing, simple background - $15.00

Disney | The little Mermaid | Ariel by leafayeLove being a Bookworm by leafayeMuddy Kitty by leafayeMy heart will go on by leafaye  Jessica Fox by leafaye  Smile Foxy by leafaye

Simple character, white background - $14.50 ( plus another $14.50 per character)

Gift Art: Pomie and Maddy by leafayeThe Star by leafayeAwesomeness by leafaye   Hey Mira by leafaye Hot Dog? by leafaye Comm: Mona greenfeather by leafaye  Ash by leafaye

Character References - $19.50

Maddy | Ref | Fursona by leafayeWhich Mira? by leafaye Mira | old ref | Heroine by leafaye Cole : Concept art by leafayeGrandmother Achava Character Sheet by leafayeClyde | not really a ref | comic character by leafaye

Character, more detailed background - $21.50 ( plus another $5.00 per character)

I hate my brothers! by leafayeMe? by leafaye Bad Days by leafaye wandering alone by leafayeHeh, Kitten by leafaye Gift art: Margaret and Athena by leafaye The Little African Tribe by leafaye Scar! by leafaye do you want to build a snowman? by leafaye Let It Rain by leafaye Comm: A Wondrous place by leafaye

Comic strips, - $15.90

Shhhh.. be quiet.. by leafaye MacDonalds Cow? by leafaye Ask Mira: ep1 by leafaye

Remember to send me a note with the word "COMMISSION". your info and which category you wish to pursue. 

thank you
Hey art bats! how was your week?...that sounded weird....because its saturday.... oh well! i'm doing the WOULD YOU RATHER QUESTIONS CHALLENGE THINGY!! and i'm obviously going to need YOUR insane questions of course..heh..

SO, this is how i'm going to do it. YOU are going to write the (would you rather questions..anything you like) in the comments below and I am going to 
take those questions and draw me answering them. Sounds fun right?

Oh, I almost forgot something.. do you want me to show your icon on the um canvas?....because i was planning to show your question and your icon on the canvas, so, let
me know. 


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Commission are Open

Wed Jan 15, 2014, 8:10 AM
Commission are Open by leafaye

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 14, 2014, 6:04 AM

--If you want to anyway, I'm new to all these, really I have no idea where my blogs are, the buttons, everything!..I just need to get used to it...

here is the link for
here is the link for
here is the link for Fur…
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Hi everyone, I've been so busy lately. I'm trying to figure out what my story should be about tho I have a basic idea. I have all of my characters drawn out... but I look at the page and and suddenly I go black! again and again and AGAIN!! every time I'm going to draw the first page of the comic! and I need help!

dose any of you have an idea of a good start for the first page?
if you do plz comment!
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Hey art munchkins! I have decided to do a 7 Beach Drawing Challenge. I will be drawing 7 beach themes. I'm so exited! <3
I don't know if I'm going to be able to post daily, but I'll do my best. Have a wonderful week! :D

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